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brand marketing, design & content strategist.

Nice to (virtually) meet you. Scroll down for a peek at my skills and my work-life story in a nutshell. Or, cut to the chase and contact me here to say hi.

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I've focused on creating branded content for diverse brands over the last 10 years – from areas of retail, to editorial media to corporate communications.

During this time, I’ve had the opportunity to spearheaded development and execution of video, written and social media strategies for a Fortune 1 Company, a rising e-commerce start-up, music festivals globally streamed to millions, a first-of-its-kind nutrition brand, and 7 beloved radio stations - all with completely unique audiences and voices.

While I live in northern New Jersey, I am always up for the occasional trip for exciting work and opportunities. When I'm not consuming content behind a laptop screen for business and/or pleasure, I'm practicing different forms of wellness to keep my mind and body balanced and visiting new places with friends and family. I'm a people person - and I've been incredibly fortunate meet and collaborate with some incredible ones throughout my career. 

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When I'm not working my full-time 9-5, I am always up for connecting with up-and-coming brands to help fit their needs. Have specific asks or questions? Feel free to reach out here and I'll do my best to dive in.  

Digital Content Kickoff Plan 💻

Need to figure out how to build your content calendar? Want advice on how to promote follower growth? Stumped on your brand voice guide for your digital platforms? Want to get a second opinion on your social launch plan? I’m here to chat on Google Hangout, Skype, Facetime – or, of course, in real life if we’re not too far. Each 60-minute kickoff will wrap up with comprehensive notes from our time ideating together, as well as a follow-up one week later to make sure you’re all set. Hourly pricing starts at $175 for 60 minutes or $225 for 90 minutes - hit the button below email me to book some time.

Brand Guidelines: Aesthetic, Imagery, Style & Voice 📕

Establishing your brand's visual style, tone and guardrails are some of the most important ways to make sure your content is set up to align with your goals and accurately emulate your brand's mission. I'll work with you and your designers to build a clear guideline for content showcased on your social channels - and how each channel may differ - with everything from color and photography themes, to copy direction. Pricing starts at $85/hour.

Let's build that guide.

Branded Content Strategy 🔑

Building a cohesive content strategy from soup to nuts is the secret sauce for setting your team up for success. I'll work with you to build out a strategy for each unique social platform, create a clear picture of what your target audience wants to consume on social media, and optimize each piece of content right out of the gate. Rates are based on brand scale and duration of work - you can contact me below to get started.

Social Starter Kit 📱

Whether you need someone to build your overall social strategy from top to bottom, you’re trying to hit "refresh" on a few of your channels, need to create a style & voice guide, want to launch new content streams, or even just starting out with your brand or business – I can help you kick off your process. I'll create a personalized, easy-to-follow strategy that includes a platform-specific KPIs and creative notes, and executional details that implement your team’s day-to-day resources. Pricing based on project scale and needs, so reach out to me below for an estimate to begin. 

Instagram Revamp 📸

Today, a brand's Instagram profile has the same capabilities for acquiring and educating new users as your website does. I'll provide you with my step-by-step plan for launching a consistent, creative Instagram presence that engages and grows your community and drives consideration for your entity.

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The high-impact projects I'm most proud of.


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The Box

Walmart's 'The Box' Oscars Campaign Social Strategy (February 2018)

 It was Walmart’s second year sponsoring the Oscars, and our mission was to amplify conversation about ‘The Box’ campaign, (featuring films created by female directors Melissa McCarthy,  Dee Rees & Nancy Meyers) with our social content leading up to the night-of and during the show. Content-wise, I built the strategy by working with our agency to prepare by outlining asset needs, when to release them on the night-of, and dynamically launching the first ‘film’ via Facebook Live to match the broadcast on the night of the Oscars.



Need a list of my professional experience and skills? You'll find my résumé below.

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Establishing a Brand's voice, aesthetic and desired target audience with clear guidelines an entire team can understand and leverage.

Connecting and leading Creative, Design, Copy, Marketing and appropriate teams cross-functionally. 

Utilizing what's trending to drive cultural relevancy for brands. 

Creating process and workflows for content teams. Translation: How do teams work together with cross-functional counterparts to get stuff done, create assets, and maximize impact? 

Optimizing videos, photos, written content and more in a way that utilizes the strengths of each media platform. 

Appealing to audiences who appreciate when brands are authentic and transparent.


Wandering, hiking and swimming in faraway places. I'm on a mission to see it all. (Like Glenwood Springs, CO.👆)

Fitness and wellness - both physical and mental. I'm a self-proclaimed health nut who hasn't met a new workout class she hasn't enjoyed trying. (OK, maybe not that 2-hour hot yoga session way back when.)

Entertainment, music and culture news. After spending years at iHeartRadio, my brain goes straight to the behind the scenes of album releases, live shows, interviews & more. 

Listening to podcasts that will either teach me something or make me laugh throughout the day.

Anything delicious, whether it's sweet or savory. Equally excited about trying a Paleo chicken recipe as I am about a glazed cinnamon donut. (Okay, fine. Maybe the donut wins by a hair.)

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Don't Be a Stranger.

Need some inspiration? Want to start a giant project, but don't know where to start? Need to vent to someone other than your mom? I'm here for you.

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